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Thursday, December 15, 2005

12/15/05-Stressful Week!-14

      This week was very stressful because I had a lot of homework lately; in science class I have a project due next Monday and I have to write a research paper, but it is hard me because I have trouble with grammar and also I have to put things not related to the project. In global history I have a lot of outlines to do and it takes a really long time to finish it. This weekend I will be really busy because on Saturday I have to go to a practice group for my violin recital and on Sunday I have to go to an orchestra concert and perform there. I hope for a long break and have a time of relaxation.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Week11-11/18/05-My Three Day Weekend


              Last weekend it was really fun for me because it was a three day weekend and I had a lot to do. On Saturday we were invited to a party and they were all Asians. In the party I had friends from church and we played the PS2 all night long, it was very fun. We played shooting games, action games, and football games. The football game was the most exciting of all because we could see if we made the touchdown or got sacked by other football players. On Sunday I went to the Cross Country banquet and it took a really long time and it lasted for four hours! That was the longest banquet I ever been on. In the banquet we first ate lunch and it was spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. After lunch, we had the certificate for the runners and reward for the coaches. It was a fun banquet and a fun season.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Week9-10/27/05-Last Race!

           On Monday I had a cross-country meet and it was my last race of the season. I was glad and sad because I�m glad that the season is over, but I�m sad because this season was really fun. Also, we had a really good season because almost every race we won a trophy to bring back home. In this race it was the JV who ran and the varsity get to practice and cheer for us. Monday was really cold and my hands were numb, it was hard to warm-up before the race. We faced Upper Arlington they were a tough team to beat. When we started the race, the cold win struck our bodies and felt really cold. I got used to the cold and I was running normally, but I was still running slowly. When I was on the second mile, my body was slowing down and my throat was really hurting. I got to the last 400m I sped to beat my time, but the last stretch was really hard to run through because my body was out of gas and unfortunately I couldn�t beat me time of 19:21, I was trying to beat nineteen minutes.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Week 7-10/13/05-Sick!

                Today was really bad for me because I got sick overnight and it was uncomfortable. I think the reason of me being sick is that I ate to much the night before so my stomach couldn�t digest all that food. Went I went to school I felt really bad and I ate a piece of cake before coming here, it was a bad decision. Also my muscles were really sore because I did lots of moving. In fourth period I had orchestra I felt really bad and I had to leave the class. After class my friend showed me where was the nurse�s office I went to lunch and waited until study hall to get a pass. When I had a pass I went to the nurse�s office and explain what my sickness was then I tried to call home no one answered the phone. Then the nurse led into a room and rest for a while and told me to stay in the office for the whole period. A few minutes later I tried to call my uncle and him answer then fortunately he would pick me up. I waited for a few minutes and the nurse let me out of school and I went home. I hope I won�t be sick for homecoming.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Week5-9/29/05-Race Time!

      This weekend is going to be fun because on Friday the 30th I have an overnight race and we are going to Cincinnati this time. We will leave after school at 3:30 and it�s going to be a long ride. Today I will pack up everything that I need for overnight trip I will bring my pajamas, toothbrush deodorant, bath towel, and of course my uniform. Also I will need water and a snack to go along the trip so I will not get hungry, to pass the time I will bring a book to read on the bus. When we get at St.Xavier, we will run the course as practice, for dinner we will go to Olive Garden to eat and it�s going to be great. My coach will have assign rooms, and we will have other people share rooms. In the morning I will eat breakfast and then put on my uniform and my warm-ups and get ready to go the race. I hope this will be an easy course and a flat one so I could break 20:20. Wish me good luck and I hope I will try my best and also have our team place in a good position.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Week4-9/21/05-Thomas Wins!


       Last weekend I went to a cross country meet and it was at Meadowbrook. The trip took 2 hours and it was boring. In the bus I read my book and saw the scenery and it was all farm land. When we got there the first thing I needed is to go to the restroom and quick. After the restroom break, I noticed that the place stank and I think it was from the portable bathrooms. When we go to camp, we had our warm-up and it was around the course. The course was hilly, and had many loops, but it was okay. The JV team went up first and that meant I was going first. The gun shot and we were off to run the race and it was exciting. Within minutes we passed most of the other teams and we stayed in a pack so we pass many people. It felt long because it was all loopy, but then I saw the finish line and sped up into a sprint and finished the race. My time was 20:20 and that was my all time best for the 3 miles. After the varsity boys, JV girls, and varsity girls ran the race we found out that we placed first on every race that was exciting news. I think this was best meet ever.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week3-9/14/05-Stressful Week

This week was very stressful because school is feeling really slow and I�m having lots of homework. Every night I have a really heavy and the homework drains my energy and at the end I feel really exhausted from all the work. One reason I feel very tired is because I have cross country every day and since I have morning practices, I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and it�s very annoying. I hope in that I will get used to it and be tired everyday. From the cross country practices I�m not doing well in school because I don�t have time to study even in the weekends I have cross country meets and SAT prep school and it�s very difficult to work with and also in January I have Chinese school to go to after cross country. When I do those two extra curricular things I will double load of homework and it will be very stressful to me.

       In conclusion I will hope that I will have a good freshmen year and I won�t do badly. My plan is to do all my school work first and then do all my Chinese work and SAT work. This was a stressful week and I�m looking forward to Friday because we won�t have any classes and I will able to relax.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Week2-9/11/05-teen discussion


Ian-you don't need a diet to be successful.

Justin- You can't be successful by scoring a touchdown

Joey-Your last one need a little work.

 I agree:

Conlon- I agree with you because you need  to go to college to be successful.

Kyla-  I agree aboout setting goals and being happy because if you accomplish your goal you ca be happy.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

Week2-9/9/05-I\'m Tired

               This week I'm so tired because I have morning practices for cross country and every morning I have to wake up at 5:30 and I'm still half a sleep. Also, my mom get irritated because she also have to wake up take me to school. After I finish my practice I have to take a shower and go to class and I'm very tired. When I go to afternoon practice, I have barely have any energy left to run. When I go back home its very hard to do my homework and its very exhausting. I hope in the future I'll get used to it so I won't be very tired anymore. 

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Week 1-9/3/05-how to be a successful teen

              The three things to be a successful teen is having a 4.0 GPA because if you have good grades you can do anything in school and be very successful in that activity. The second thing is to have a car because you need get to your job and earn money for yourself soyou buy things for yourself.Finally you need be organized because if you can be every it can help in the future and your job.

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