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Friday, December 16, 2005

This Week Didnt Turn Out So Good

I didn't have the greatist week. Right now I did porly on 2 tests this week and im not doing so well in spanish either.  Man this is realy bad and i am trying to pull up my grade in english as well.  Im not the greatist and if there is one class that i have done poorly the most in it would be english. 

  Now that i got the bad things down of this week lets see what the good of this week has brought me. well uhh i did this one thing at this one place. ok I didnt have a good week at all!!!!!!!!!!!

the bells about to ring im gonna get of now.    bye

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Well this has been an average week to say the least. I have been cooped up inside my house for quite a while.  It's way to cold out right now.  I cant stand it.  I have been reading more though.  Comics that is but i dont realy feel like im acomplishing much in school.Trying to pull my science grade up to a A.  But I might have a while to go before that happens.  Well the only F is in english. Isnt that funny Mr. Buckley. Lets hope i can bring that up to  B or C grade. 

ihave a song today....it goes something like this.

"English cursed english da da da da da da da".

"No offence english teachers".

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

       Hi everybody im a doctor nick.  Sorry I kind of have nothing to say well.  This week has been ok.  More on the bad side though.  I am trying to get my self out of  a jamb.  My grades are kind of bad.  I think I can pull them up but I am not 100% sure.  here are some pix I found on inter net.                        

 a guy kicking football                  uncle sam

I know random pictures but you got to admite uncle sam is cool.  ok as for this week it has gone by real slow see you next blog


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Thursday, November 17, 2005

this is supposed to be blog 11

      Well this week wasnt that eventfull.  Im going to florida for Thanks Giving.  Im also going to see my cousin Lukes Wedding on this break as well.  My little brother kyle is going to be the ring bearer and my sister is a flower girl.  I cant wait till this break starts im going to have lots of fun I can feel it.  Above all else I feel very forgetfull on doing this blog thing.  Dont get me wrng im on the computer quit often.  But writing this blog dosnt seem like an oblgation. Again if this random at all it is because I realy dont have much to say.

Things I do in spare time

Read manga, watch T.V., play videogames,  go for a jog, get more sleep,talk to freinds (maybe), etc. I could go on but that would be very boring.  Well I dont feel like typing any more so im getting off.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

filen in this week and last weeks blog (forgot to do it)

Last week wasnt all that great, had lots of catching up to do.  I  had  tomake up somethings I missed,Ex. homework, tests.That was the worst part. 

Sorry I didnt write a blog last week mr.buckley

This week was one of the worst.  I had a test in every subject, even gym.  I had 2 different test each day.  With that in mined I got in the bare minimum of study time with the amount of homework I was given.  I'v definatly had beter weeks. Well the bell is about to ring for first period. so I got to go.


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