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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Week 14: Very Cold & Snowy

   This week has been very cold and snowy. Today it was a mix of snow and rain, so that made it really slushy. I

got my Motorola Razor last thursday, I really like it. The screen is so big and clear! Yeah, not much has been

going on this week, I've been going to weightlifting for baseball, but that's about it. Oh yeah, like 15 minutes ago

I called this thing called Sprint Relay. It's an internet thing for deaf people to talk on the phone, and they read

what the operator types back to them, which is what the other person is saying. So, I got bored and called my cell

phone, and I typed in "Can I get 5 dimebags" to the operator, which they say in to my cell phone (I'm not a

stoner, I do this all the time and mess around). Anyways, the operator typed to me something like "I am

reporting this phone call to the FBI", or something like that. So, I can be in some deep crap. I guess they can't

take a joke. O well, some people are like that I guess. I just hope I don't have the FBI calling my phone over

break, I just won't pick it up I guess. Yeah, so that's about all that happened so far. Oh yeah, we had a pess test

and I did good on it, and we had a global test, which was pretty foul. Ok, that is all, see ya.

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Week 12 "An Okay Week"

   This week has been pretty boring at first because we just got off Thanksgiving Break and the week seems so

long, but after Wednesday it seemed to speed up. Global History has been so boring, all we've done is take mad

notes for 4 days in a row. They are each three pages long, and what makes it worse, it's about middle ages

politics (I hate politics). Mr. Wilson is a cool teacher though. He told us before we started the unit that it was

going to be extremely boring, so at least he gave us a heads up. English is going pretty bad though, I think I

might have a very high D+ (like a 69.8). Hopefully though with the past homeworks that I got good grades on, it

will raise it to a C. I'm sort of nervous about interims because I know they are pretty foul. But hey, they are just

interims, it's not like they are in your record though. I am really liking woodshop right now because I am making

a cigar pen out of wood. It's really fun to make. I'm making mine out of blood-wood which is a "bloody" looking

red. It is the hardest wood to work with, but it looks the coolest. It's so hard, when you are using the drill press to

drill the hole in the middle, there is like a 40% chance it will split. Kyle Seiber had his break two times in a row,

lol. He's pretty cool. Not much else has happened in my life this week. Oh yeah, my stepdad gave me his bowflex

as an early Christmas presant to work out for baseball on the days I don't work out after school with the team.

Ok, I'm done typing now.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Week 12

   This week has gone by really fast for some reason. I think it's because of baseball conditioning after school.

The strength coach Coach D is pretty cool. Just listen to him when he is explaining stuff because when you do it

wrong, he get's really furious, and that's not good. Other than that, he's a cool guy. I think we have a test

tommorow but I forget what class it's in. It might be geometry. I can never keep track of when the tests are,

most of the time I walk into a class and when the teacher says we're having a test, it's first time news. Woodshop

is going well, I am working on my DVD rack. I made a toolbox out of pine too. Hopefully I can get my DVD rack

done in time for Christmas because I am going to give both the DVD rack and the toolbox to my dad for

Christmas. He can use a DVD holder, he's got alot. Also, he works on stuff in the garage, so he would probably

find a toolbox handy. That's all I got.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Week 11 Blog

   Not much has happend this week. Right now, I'm at home on Wednesday because I'm sick. I feel good now,

but I was crappy in the morning. On Monday, I got my report card and it was pretty good. A's B's and C's. Drawing

class is the hardest because she grades you on how good your drawing is. My favorite class is woodshop because

it's fun. I have it 8th period, so it's a good way to end your day. Next semester I have keyboarding. I've heard it

sucks. In like a week I am going to get a Motorola Razor, one of my friends has one and says they're really cool.

It is really confusing when you have lots of providers to pick from. I'm looking for a plan that lets you talk to your

friends cheap (or free) and have unlimited text messaging so I can talk to my friends when I'm in class. Well, I

guess I can't do that in Mr. Buckley's class because I just sort of told you. That all I have, so bye!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Week 10

Colin Taranovich

Mr. Buckley


Week 10 Blog

   It's been a busy week for me this week. In Mr. Buckley's class, I had to do my final draft in study hall the day it

was due because my printer wouldn't work. But, I got it done, so that's all over with. I hope I get a good grade on

it since I already have a C in that class. Also, I've been going to the batting cages alot after school to practice

hitting for baseball. Weightlifting and conditioning starts monday and goes until March. I love training, it doesn't

bother me at all. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Not really, but you get the point. It doesn't bother me.  I like the

coach, Coach Gussler. He's cool, and he's a tough coach, which is good. That's how

you win games. If you have a coach that substitutes wrong guys, you end up losing games. Also, I learned on

Spring Break my family and I are flying to Arizona. I am looking forward to going, but also looking forward to the

plane ride. I've never been on a plane before exept for when I was 2 weeks old, and I slept all through the flight.

Anyways, I'm going to watch the World Series now so bye!


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