Ever since school has started we have had two-a-day practices for cross-country. I have to get up at 5:30 every morning to get ready for XC (cross-country) and school. Then after school we have another practice that lasts for two hours. It kinda stinks but it is worth for some strange reason. A few days ago (8-29) our team had our first XC meet. I got a 23:49 on the 5k race, getting 165th place out of 250 runners. Our boys team finished first place out of 11 team and our girls finished fourth out of 11 teams. Overall we did pretty good. School right now is a lot easier than I expected it to be. I have already memorized whare all of my classes are in one week, when I thought i would get memorized in three weeks. Rumors were said that high school had a lot less homework than middle school but those rumors were wrong. Even though there is more homework it is fairly easy, except for history, writing those outlines are killer. There were also rumors that there would be none of my friends in any of my classes. Well, obviously the rumors were wrong because in every single one of my classes, there are at least two of my friend there. I am really glad that none of the upper classmen are picking on me. I know a lot of upper classmen, like all of my brothers friends, and all of the upper classmen from the cross-country team. i thought for sure that some upper classmen would shove me into a locker by now, because of my smaller size and everything, but im glad that it hasn'

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

my blog about stuff 14

          It has been a real bummer having all of these snow day rumors and they don't happen.  It sucks really bad.  I wish we would have one soon like on Tuesday right before Christmas break...Oh well.

          My hockey team played 3 games last weekend.  We went into the weekend being 3-1-1, but now we are 3-2-2,  because we won one, lost one, and tied one.  Like all of the teams that we face are from Cleveland.  It kinda stinks because we have to go up there at least once every other weekend, like this weekend we have to go up Sunday morning.

          Thesepast few days have been a blast.  From Tuesday till today(Thursday) Michael Majoros, Josh Palmer, Stephan R., and I, have been making movies.  On Tuesday, us four went and ding dong ditched Kurt Lanno. Then yesterday, we went over to Palmer's house and made cop movies and a lot of other stuff, and that's about all that we did today also.

          I am so exited about winter break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Life log #13

          Last weekend was a big weekend for my hockey team.  My hockey team is called the Worthington Wild, and we are in third place in our division.  We luckily won all three of our games, all three were against Cleveland teams.My team now has a record of three wins, one loss, and one tie.

          In all that went on last weekend, I think about 75% of my time went to my hockey team and my teammates.  It was all non-stop hockey last weekend, but it was really fun.

          I know a lot of people who are not going to the Winter Dance.  It might be fun but you never know.  Last year I heard that some people got drunk at this dance and got in huge trouble.  So this year they are going to have a lot of policemen hanging around everywhere to make sure people don't do all of that bad stuff.


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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

life log #12

          Thanksgiving break went by way too fast but it was still ok.  My family stayed home for Thanksgiving dinner, but it was really cool because we deep fried our turkey, it was so delicious.  The skin of the turkey was so crispy and chewy, mmh.  But the best dish for Thanksgiving this year was the corn casserol.  It may sound disgusting, but if you are a corn fan then you would really enjoy this dish.  The only relatives of mine that came to dinner were my two Grandmas. 

          On Thanksgiving day, my family and I ran the Turkey Trot.  It is an annual five mile race held on Thanksgiving morning.  The funny thing about it was that the top 1000 men and the top 1000 women got pumpkin pies, and my five person family each won a pumpkin pie.  My mom had already made four other pies at home including another pumpkin pie, an apple pie, a pecan pie, and a peanutbutter pie.  So we had nine pies at Thanksgiving dinner.  But now there are only 7 pies left, including the six pumpkin pies and the pecan pie.

          I think the best part about the break was that I got to hang out with a lot of my friends and set up Christmas decorations.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

life log #11

          I am glad that we have a late start on friday.  I love late starts because I can actually sleep in and i can stay up later the night before.  But sometimes on late arrivals I like to wake up earlier than usual and play pool or play videogames before I go to school.  I also like the fact that we have shortened classes, only 30 minutes long.

          I have two hockey games this weekend both in clevland, but i can only make it to the first one one.  My dad and I are going to head up there saturday night and stay in a hotel because the game is really early in the morning.  I can only make to one of the games because I have an outside of school band called Junior Winds. 

          I also can't wait until the Ohio state game on saturday.  My family made like 100 buckeyes for the game.  That day is also my sisters birthday, so I guess that is pretty cool too.  I obviously want Ohio state to win.  Ohio State is not just going to win by a touchdown or two, but they are going to win by five or six touchdowns.  I guess we will just have to find out on saturday.

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life log #10

          Im so excited that this week is only a four day week.  I don't think we have had a normal week of school since the beginning of the school year.  It will be cool because on sunday is going to be my first cross country banquet for high school.

          Next week my friends and I(Michael Majoros, Josh Palmer, Aron Gegas, and Kurt Lanno) are going to start running after school, which will be nice especially if I have had a tough day at school.  It is going to be really cold, at least that's what I heard.  A lot of people on and off of the cross country team are now running, it is either because they like to run, or they are conditioning for a winter sport.  My friends and I are just running for fun and to stay in shape.

          I am getting to become friends with some of my teachers, but I am not trying to be a teachers pet or anything, I just think it is cool being friends and it might raise your grade up from that really high B to an A.  I am pretty good friends with my math teacher and my history teacher.

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life log #9

          My grades for the end of the nine weeks were right on the edge. I had five B's and one A.  It stinks because if i get a C, I am grounded until i get the C up to a B or an A.  I think the key thing for getting good grades is do awesome on the homework and just ok on the tests and quizes. 

          I know I have already said this in some of my other blogs but I would much rather be in middle school than in high school.  The good thing about middle school is that it was a lot easier than high school, but I guess that is one of the challenges in high school, is to pass the difficult.  The only bad thing in middle school, in my opinion, were the school dances.  I hated the dances, they were so boring.  I have a suggestion for the middle school dances, that is instead of having all the video games being about sports and other types, make at least one video game DDR(Dance Dance Revolution), because at least it ties in with the DANCE!

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life log #8

           I have not been caught up in my life logs so I am going to try and see if I can remember anything.  I think  the 8th week was the week after homecoming, so i guess i'll say a few things about that.  The whole 18 people group thing worked out really well, although half of them didn't stay for my after party.  I kinda liked the whole mexican theme except for that drawing on the door, that was kinda stupid.  The thing we mostly did at my house was eat dinner and play a game called DDR.  The dance had a lot more, well a little bit more slow songs than middle school dances.  I did not like the middle school ones very much. 

          I think we have 3 more dances this school year.  Prom, Valentines Day, And the Winter dance.  I can only go to two of them, unless a junoir or a senior aks me, but i doubt it.  I'll like the Valentines day dance because the girls ask the boys to the dance and not the other way around.  The winter dance is coming up shortly and I am pretty excited for that one as well as the other. 

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

week 7

          This is the week of Homecoming and I am so pumped up, I just can not wait.  I have my plans all set up.  There are going to be 18 people in my group, and they are all meeting at my house for pictures and dinner.  Then afterwards, I am having a party till one in the morning.  So this is going to be really awesome!

          I am so busy this weekend though. On friday evening, I have a hockey game.  Then On saturday I have a cross-country meet till 4:00 or so in the afternoon.  Then I have Homecoming at 6:00.  Finally, I have another hockey game in Cleveland at 8:00 or so in the morning on sunday.  So I am jampacked for the weekend.

          Since this week is homecoming week, there have been "celebration days".  Like on monday was pajama day, and on tuesday was twin day, so on and so forth.  But friday is spirit day and my two friends, Michael Majoros, and Rob Pukay-Martin, are going to dress up and have capes on and fly around the hallways.  it is going to be funny to watch.  I am going to try to wear something in spirit but not as good as theirs.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

week 6

          There are two more weeks until homecoming now and I am really excited.  Just about everyone has been asked and plans are being arranged.  Where are we going for dinner?  What time should I be there?  Just questions like that are being asked and answered.  I have no idea wear my group is going now but i sure hope it will all work out.  A lot of people i know are going to the Japanese Steakhouse. I guess that will be pretty cool but it will be really expensive.  There are some large groups that I know are going that have about 24 people in them.  Well i hope that all goes well with the rest of the planning and all, it would be sad to see people not being able to go because they never got any plans made.

          My hockey team killed a team from Cleveland on sunday 9-0.  It was really cool because I scored my very first goal of the pre-season (we have only played two other games) and I got an assist, so I got a two-point game, which is pretty good for one game.  But some of my teammates got hat tricks and did really well in that game.

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week 5

          Homecoming is three weeks away.  It is so close!  Everyone is now asking people to go to Homecoming with them.  There have been so many "no" answers because a lot of them are going out with people who asked them a couple weeks before, which i think is too early to be asking.

          My cross-country season has been going fairly well.  My new P.R. (personal record) is 22:12.  But my brothers P.R. is really good, it is 18:03.  The best freshmen on the team would have to be a kid named gegas and Michael Majoros.  They are really fast!

          School has for me been pretty fun so far.  It will probably get a lot harder, but it won't be so bad.  All of my teachers are really nice, except for my spaniash teacher mrs. McGlone.  She can hardly even speak english and it is really hard to understand her because of her huge accent.  I think she tells the class to take out our work packets and then put them away again at least 4 or 5 times, and it gets really annoying.  But one of my favorite teachers is Mr. Ellwood.  I mean his tests are living nightmares but his personality in and out of class is really awsome.

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